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Katie Dowell

A few years into my career, I swapped suits for yoga pants and stuffy formality for a business that screams HELL YES to the good stuff: innovation, creativity, convenience for my clients, and of course, plenty of fun.

As a newly minted attorney, I quickly discovered that real estate law desperately needed a breath of fresh air. Closing attorneys were like the Great and Powerful Oz, only pulling back their mysterious curtains to sign closing paperwork. Meanwhile, I was well aware of just how much work actually goes on behind the scenes in a closing. I also knew how frustrating it was for clients to feel so in the dark about the closing process, which was already stressful and shrouded in mystery.

On top of that, there were the technical hurdles that made the process into even more of a nightmare.

As a working mom and a business owner, I know that the last thing anyone needs is extra stress and, well, more work. So I set out to start my own law firm, so I could make the life-changing experience of buying or selling a home easier for my tribe.


Think of working with us as a five-star resort experience. Because our clients are the real MVPs - the reason we exist in the first place - we offer amenities you just don’t see at other firms.

No scheduling battles just to get a wet signature. No clunky fax machines. No print-sign-scan-email charades. As much as we can, we take the entire closing process to the virtual realm, so you can expect lots of quick e-signatures, seamless Zoom closings, and snappy text exchanges. (But if you’re old school, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered, and we can send you home with all the paper and wet signatures you could possibly want.)

And if you can’t make it to our office for the closing? No problem. We offer mobile closings, so we will come to you if you’re in a scheduling pinch.

Rest assured that your highly sensitive information will be kept safe, 100% of the time. We comply with ALTA’s best practices, meaning that all data sent via email is bank-level security encrypted (in accordance with federal law).

The best part? We cover all data encryption costs. That’s right: you don’t have to shell out just to ensure your information will be protected. We use only the best products – and we won’t upcharge you for them.

If you’ve ever been through a closing before, you probably already know the process can be fraught with surprises – and not someone-in-the-Starbucks-drive-thru-paid-for-your-latte surprises. I mean surprises to the tune of unanticipated fees, scheduling nightmares, and closing delays. More like, someone’s-kid-pooped-in-the-pool surprises.

And with something as serious as a real estate transaction with property and cash at stake, this is just not okay. Real estate law is all about expecting the unexpected. Read: things can go sideways FAST. That’s why you need an attorney who will prepare you for every possible contingency.

From the moment you first engage us to the close of your transaction, you can expect clear communication from our team. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we will send you a detailed email outlining every step of the process so you know what to expect at every turn.

Not to mention, if you work with us, an attorney will be actively involved in every step of the process. The bait-and-switch isn’t our thing: you will have direct access to us throughout the whole transaction and we will guarantee a response.

Work is work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable, approachable, and fun. We have a good time around here, so when you come in, you’ll immediately know that we’re different. We don’t wear seersucker suits and sit in fancy upholstered chairs.

We’re professional, but we want you to feel comfortable. We are normal people who just happen to provide exceptional legal service – without the intimidating formality you can expect from most lawyers.

Don't let our laid back approach fool you, though. We take our work seriously. We love what we do, and we’re damn good at it.

But hey, don't take our word for it.

Raleigh Real Estate Law is the best in the area! I was a first-time seller with a lot of questions; Katie was a knowledgeable attorney who answered all my questions and was happy to explain every step of the process. Katie and her team provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my upcoming agreement toward the sale of the house. The negotiation and sale process had some unexpected complications, and the Raleigh Real Estate team handled it professionally and expeditiously given lender-imposed time constraints. The Raleigh Real Estate team worked closely with the mortgage lender to ensure that all legal requirements were satisfied and the loan was cleared in time for closing. I would highly recommend this attorney.
Katie at Raleigh Real Estate Law made the loan process seamless and painless. We had a few hiccups with our lender, but Katie was able to work through those without any issue. We were worried our closing date may get pushed, but she took care of it. I think Katie's best characteristic is her honest and open communication. She explains things in a way to make sure you understand without giving you a sales pitch or treating you like just another customer. I appreciate how if she says she'll take care of something, it will get done. I highly recommend Raleigh Real Estate Law to anyone looking to have a trustworthy and easy to work with attorney for their closings.
- Richard B
My closings here are always fantastic, and my clients are always pleased! The staff is communicative, knowledgeable, and well versed on the closing processing, making for a smooth transaction every time. They are unique in that they directly communicate with the buyer and agent every step of the way, and the attorney is very caring and hands on. I wish all of my clients would close here!!
- Katy W
I've worked with 20-30 other closing attorneys in the past and the folks at Raleigh Real Estate Law are a breath of fresh air. They work tirelessly, are passionate about what they do, and are fabulous communicators. Don't look elsewhere: these are your forever attorneys.
- Heidi H
Raleigh Real Estate does an amazing job. As a lender, it is necessary to have partners that respond quickly and keep the file moving forward fast. Can't say enough about Katie and her team. Love working with them!
- Mark W
Raleigh Real Estate Law is a top notch closing firm and the one I recommend to my clients! I have been working with Katie Dowell for years now and cannot say enough about her and her staff. She always knows what is going on with each transaction and makes herself available to answer questions from clients. This firm isn’t just a “closing shop.” At the end of the day, Katie knows that buying a house is more than just a sale and helps to make closing a good experience for my clients. That is why I will keep working with Raleigh Real Estate Law!
- Sarabeth H
Raleigh Real Estate Law is fantastic to work with! They are knowledgeable and efficient and helped us navigate our loan/refi with ease. I will always work with them for any of my future real estate legal needs!
- Kelly C
Buyer and Refinance Client
Our closing was the easiest transaction we have experienced thus far. Katie was a pleasure to work with - she was efficient, kind, and made our closing a breeze. She has a wonderful system in place to ensure that you feel comfortable and can sign your documents safely in your own vehicle. She also had the cutest note and closing presents for us when we picked up our documents to sign. I would highly recommend using Katie with Raleigh Real Estate Law!
- Krystal G
Buyer Client
The whole team at Raleigh Real Estate Law is amazing and I’ve used them exclusively for years. I am a local builder and their legal expertise and efficiency have been immensely helpful to my business - from construction finance to document prep, seller and buyer representation, you name it. They can accommodate quick turn around times for my construction and commercial loans, they’ve got the staff to handle volume, my buyers always rave about their customer service, and their builder-seller doc prep process is full service and fast. Highly recommend other builders in the area in need of an experienced, professional, and efficient real estate attorney.
- Jeremiah Boyd
Boyd Builders, Builder Client