Junior Paralegal

Myesha is originally from Michigan but found her home in North Carolina when she moved here in the Summer of 2018.

Myesha is a Junior Paralegal at #RREL and is one of the brightest lights you will ever meet in this world. She is also almost as obsessed with reading as I am (which, if you know me, is saying a lot). In fact, to prove our prowess on book selections, we challenged each other to a book contest. We made everyone in the office read our selections for top prize on the book that received the most votes – and I lost. I’m lobbying hard for a rematch.

Originally from Michigan (and somewhat nostalgic about the lack of white Christmases in NC), our Myesha and her super-sized family found their home in NC in 2018. A realtor-in-training turned real estate paralegal, and another former nanny of the Dowell household (more on this theme later), she teaches me all the cool “young people things” like how to use “left no crumbs” in a sentence (Google it – that one took weeks of practice) and how TikTok works…and if she has her way and convinces me to actually start one for the Firm, you will have her to thank.

Myesha is also one of the most hilarious and kindhearted people I’ve ever met. Her smile and laughter are infectious, her cooking will blow you away almost as much as her impressions of others will, and her patience with highly emotional real estate people is utterly invaluable in this business. But what really stands out is her commitment to family and the happiness and well-being of those around her. She is the one that will come in early without being asked, Will always greet you with a smile, will think through every action like any good type-A personality, but will also immerse herself in all things artsy outside of the office. She’s a natural caretaker, the one that knows the days I should NOT be allowed to answer the phones, that will make sure I eat instead of work through every meal, reminds me of my doctors appointments, and avoids confrontation like it’s the Rona.

Myesha brings a wealth of customer service and hospitality experience to the team. She is my friend, an invaluable team member and an incredible woman, book nerd and all.