Junior Paralegal

Tyler is a North Carolina native with years of customer service and hospitality experience under her belt.

Our Junior Paralegal Tyler is beach-lovin,’ free-spirited, knows everyone’s Zodiac sign, and teaches herself how to do Tarot cards. Originally from Maryland, she loves a good filter and an even better selfie, and has an absolute gift for “rolling with the punches” no matter the circumstances.

At the office, Tyler’s the one who calmly walks angry callers off the ledge, that somehow manages to make even the angriest laugh, but that isn’t anyone’s doormat unnecessarily. She has a super-high tolerance for unreasonable people and is the one I look to for assistance in the most stressful of shitshows because she’s not intimidated by the situation (or by how pissed off I am down in the weeds of it). She embraces new tasks without reservation, focuses on solutions and, refreshingly, takes feedback like it’s intended – it’s not personal – adapts and moves on. And if there’s a problem, last minute issue, or an extremely stressful situation to address on a transaction (the possibilities are endless) she’s the one I know will step in with a practical, even-tempered “let’s get this done” approach like a living breathing Xanax.

Outside of work, Tyler loves spending time with her family, including helping her vegan mom with her cold-pressed juice business (which are delicious btw, check out @veganapril). She is a social butterfly, the pickiest eater with a diet resembling a toddler, and makes new friends wherever she goes. She loves to travel, try new (non-edible) things, and do alllllll the Tik Toks.

Tyler truly has the most infectious laugh, the biggest heart, and is a lesson in independence and self-confidence all women could learn from. She brings a ton of customer services experience to the office and I am incredibly proud she’s on our team.