Hannah McLamb


Lead Paralegal

In just a few words, Hannah is our paralegal extraordinaire, Angier native, magical unicorn, and coffee fanatic who literally doesn’t know how to be mean to anyone.

Chances are, your first interaction with my firm will be with Hannah. And if that’s true, you’re in luck. All of our clients love her, from buyers to sellers and real estate agents. She isn’t going to leave anything undone. She won’t rush you off the phone. She will be sweet, polite, and informative. And I couldn’t run this office without her.

Hannah is ultra-organized and makes sure all the proverbial I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed in our closings. In a field where the smallest details matter, Hannah’s precision and fastidiousness are a critical part of the client experience. Just don’t take her pens…and beware if you catch her before she’s had her morning coffee! On the weekends, you may run into her hiking, gardening, heading to the coast, or hitting up the best Raleigh coffee shops, her two dogs in tow.